Serpentine for simple elegance


A dark and versatile natural stone

Its dark green to blue-green color and its fine and/or coarse grain give serpentine a lasting look of elegance. Serpentine is a very versatile and elegant natural stone that can be used both indoors and outdoors as floor tiles, skirting, steps, windowsills and facade panels. It is also offered as polygonal slabs, wall stones and boulders. We even make grillstones from serpentine thanks to its excellent heat retention properties.






Application areas

Serpentine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Products at a glance:

Polygonal slabs, floor tiles, skirting, steps, windowsills, grillstones, boulders, facade panels, wall stones

Goodness from the grillstone

Use serpentine grillstones to cook your food. Serpentine stores and reflects heat and is therefore ideal for grilling food such as meats, fish and vegetables – without any soot.


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